Recognizing Past Learning
We value learning no matter where it occurs. We recognize that adults acquire knowledge and/or skills through a number of different avenues: through credit and non-credit courses, on-the-job training, work experiences, life experiences, volunteer activities, and personal study. There are two basic ways that we grant credit for prior learning: through a transfer of credits from a recognized educational institution, or through the challenge process of prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR). The sooner after paying the application and registration fees that an incoming student commences the PLAR process, the earlier the college will be able to process the PLAR application and provide the applicant useful information for program planning.

To support the PLAR process, we are committed to making Course Descriptions and Learning Outcomes for current courses available to incoming students.

Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition
You may be entitled to College credits if you can demonstrate that any prior learning you have attained is equivalent to what would be acquired through courses in your College program. The process of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition may involve one or all of the following:

  • challenge exams

  • demonstrations, projects, essays or interviews

  • portfolio assessment, which includes a collection of materials that documents what has been learned from past experiences

It is possible to be credited with up to fifty per cent of a Kingston Bible College program through PLAR. Any prior learning that is awarded credit will appear on your transcript as "P." For more information please contact Dr. Brian Banks or by phone at (902) 765-2177

Transfer of Credit to the Kingston Bible College
Students who have successfully completed the equivalent of a Kingston Bible College course at another post-secondary institution may apply for Transfer Credit. It is solely the student's responsibility to provide appropriate documentation from the other institution(s) to support the application for transfer credit. A demonstration of competency may also be required.