Certificate in Bible

This Certificate is intended to introduce the student to the Bible for the purpose of personal growth and to assist those wanting to teach in Sunday School or work in a support role within their own church.

Certificate in Church Office Administration

Kingston Bible College began an office administration program several years ago to meet a growing need. Candidates for a one year certificate must maintain at least a “C” average in all OA courses. All administrative functions, including bookkeeping are covered in the program. Those training in office administration become proficient in the use of dictaphone, computer and word processor, electronic calculators, and various types of business machines. Most importantly, students receive this training within a framework of practical Christian living.

One Year Certificate

Candidates for this certificate must complete the following course requirements:

Bible (Bi) courses 4 semester hours
Bible Electives (Bi) courses 6 semester hours
English (En) courses 6 semester hours
Office (OA) courses 12 semester hours
Christian Living (CL) courses 2 semester hours
Elective (EL) courses 2 semester hours