Diploma in Bible
The two year Diploma in Bible builds on the first year's Certificate and furthers the student's knowledge of the Bible. Studies in New Testament Greek are not required for this course.

Diploma in Church Office Administration
The two year Diploma in Church Office Administration provides additional training combined with experience in managing a church office. Students pursuing a two year diploma must accumulate at least 66 semester hours, maintaining at least a “C” average in all OA courses.

Two Year Diploma
Course requirements are as follows:

Bible (Bi) courses 8 semester hours
Bible Electives (Bi) courses 12 semester hours
English (En) courses 12 semester hours
Office (OA) courses 28 semester hours
Christian Living (CL) courses 4 semester hours
Elective (EL) courses 2 semester hours

Advanced Diploma (Associate Degree) in Bible
This Diploma prepares the student to function as a full time ministry worker in a church. Many pastors have begun their full time ministry with this course. New Testament Greek is a requirement for this course.