Bachelor of Sacred Scriptures
This is a degree in Bible and Arts that provides a solid foundation for those entering pastoral ministry or ministry in mission agencies. Various minors are available and can be customized to suit the students area of service.

Course requirements are as follows:

Bible (Bi) courses 53 semester hours
Church Administration (CA) courses 6 semester hours
Church History (CH) courses 12 semester hours
Christian Living (CL) courses 6 semester hours
Public Speaking (Pc) courses 8 semester hours
English (En) courses 10 semester hours
Ancient Languages (AL) courses 20 semester hours
Philosophy (Ph) courses 2 semester hours
Psychology (Ps) courses 2 semester hours
Missions (CM) courses 6 semester hours
Music (Mu) courses 1 semester hour
Electives as offered 2 semester hour

Candidates for this Degree must complete 128 semester hours. Any Bible course with a grade lower than “C” will not be counted toward a degree. Candidates for the Bachelor of Sacred Scriptures Degree must also submit a satisfactory Doctrinal Thesis during the Senior year.

Master of Sacred Scriptures
This is a one year (32 Semester hours) degree. The core consists of 24 hours of Bible and Bible related courses. Eight additional hours are taken in a specific area of proficiency best suited to the student's ministry (e.g. Theology, Christian Education, Practical Ministry, Bible Languages). Students will receive six hours credit toward their core studies upon completion of a thesis.

Applicants must hold the B.S.Scr. (or its equivalent) with a B average or better, giving evidence of a genuine salvation experience and solid Christian character.

Doctor of Sacred Scriptures
The D.S.Scr. is the highest academic degree that can be earned at this institution. The College demands an excellence in scholarship, including the ability to do effective research.

This is a two year (64 semester hours) degree building on the M.S.Scr. A dissertation is required of all candidates for this degree. The core consists of 48 hours of Bible and Bible related courses (10 hours credit toward the core will be granted upon completion of the dissertation). The remaining 16 hours will be tailored toward the student's needs and objectives relative to his field of service.

Applicants desiring to pursue the D.S.Scr. must hold the M.S.Scr. (or its equivalent) and possess the same spiritual qualities as already stated. Final approval for any graduate level program rests entirely with the administration.